Street Entertainers Festival, 15th - 27th June 2014.

small-entertainmentsLocations: Riva, Marmontova, Peristil, Voćni trg.

Clowns, jugglers, acrobats, musicians... and many more are set to dazzle at the international festival of street entertainers in Split! Two weeks of fun and excitement including free concerts can be seen at the Peristil, and other city locations including the Voćni trg, Riva etc. City squares and streets will come alive with the pleasant sounds of strange instruments, acrobatics bordering with supernatural strength and entertainers making everybody laugh. There is also an interaction between performers and visitors, where sometimes visitors themselves take part in the programme, which can be very interesting and amusing.

Visitors will have the opportunity to watch three evening shows and performances each night. Artists, street entertainers and performers of the free form artistic expression from several countries will be entertaining citizens of Split and their guests on couple of different locations in the town of Split, such as Riva, Marmontova street, Peristyle and Narodni trg (People’s Square).

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