Mostar and Medjugorje Excursion

mostar smallThis excursion is one day tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visit Bridge of Mostar - Otoman-style bridge, frst monument in Bosnia and Herzegovina listed on UNESCO's list of protected cultural monuments. See Turkish house or Biscevica corner - one of the most beautiful preserved residential structures from the Turkish period, surrounded by the high walls which protected girls and women from curIn. Do not miss Mosque - most beautiful and the biggest mosque in Herzegovina, built in 1557. Take a look at Kravice Waterfalls - famous swimming and picnic area. And finally explore Međugorje - famous pilligrim place in Hercegovina region visited by pilgrims from around the entire world.

Dubrovnik Excursion

dubrovnik smallDubrovnik region is full of diversity, and by chosing our private tour you will be taken to most interesting places like Stradun, once a sea channel, which separated the city in two parts, today the town's main street, paved with smooth stone blocks. Do not miss Church St. Blaise (St.Vlaho) - Dubrovnik's most beautiful temples erected in honor of St.Blaise, whose golden statue with a scale model in his hand from the 15th century is now kept in the church. Take a walk through city walls and fortresses - untouched that sends a distinctive image to the world and turns Dubrovnik to the most beautiful city in the Mediterranean. Take a look at Sponza Palace - once the state forge money and most important meeting place for traders and other business people, once cultural center of the Dubrovnik Republic and today the archives of Dubrovnik's history and the center of cultural events in the city.

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